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Cutting Edge Braces

Pitts21 Braces – A world without elastic ties!



Our office is pleased to offer the new revolutionary Pitts21 self-ligating bracket which uses a slide mechanism to hold the wire into the bracket, reducing the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth and allowing the teeth to move more freely, quickly, and comfortably. Pitts21 brackets feature new square-slot technology, a vast improvement over previous versions of the passive ligation braces.   Thanks to these innovative braces, achieving your perfect smile can be faster and easier than you ever thought possible! 

Braces are the beginning, but the system makes the smile!

Pitts21 smiles are not just about revolutionary braces and wires; it’s a whole different approach to treating patients.  We feature Smile Arc Protection (SAP) which focuses on teeth AND face, giving you the best smile possible. 



Pitts21 brackets feature square-slot technology which aligns the front teeth more precisely than ever before. 


Even though Pitts21 works quickly, the use of gentle, low-friction force means less discomfort for you. Very light “shape memory” titanium wires are used, gently guiding your teeth to their ideal position.


Pitts21 braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable, and easy to keep clean. Without elastic ties, which attract and collect plaque, Pitts21 braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment. Plus, Pitts21 is available in clear brackets for patients who want a great smile without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Pitts 21 Hk.webp

What is Smile Arc Protection (SAP)?

Recent advancements in orthodontics have driven doctors to evaluate not just teeth, but how straight teeth fit the face and overall smile pattern.  The upper (Maxillary) teeth should follow the "arc" of the lower lip, which creates a much more harmonious and balanced smile.  This is Smile Arc Protection!

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Year of 2023

January 2nd-3rd: CLOSED (New Years)

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November 22nd-23rd: CLOSED (Thanksgiving)

December : 25th-28th: CLOSED (Christmas)

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