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Making It Through Your First Week With Braces

You’ve finally done it! You’ve gone ahead and got yourself braces. However, the first week will prove challenging, not only because your teeth will be adjusting to the wires but because this will be the time to figure out what foods will be most comfortable for you to eat.

Braces seem almost like a right of passage from being a teen to embracing adulthood. However, adults too, are now considering braces. With the advancement in technology, you are likely to see more people with braces than not. Of course, regardless of these are a foreign body affixed inside your mouth and will take time getting used to. They might, on occasion, even hurt during the adjustment period.

Let’s look at some tips to help you make it through your first week with a brace so you’re more relaxed and in control of the situation.

Have Painkillers by Your Side

Braces are going to poke, prod, and disturb your mouth until they adjust to your body. This will often mean that you will have to struggle with pain due to the constant pressure of the wire against your teeth and gums.

The pressure means there is more blood flow to your gums, resulting in inflammation or pain. You can avoid the pain with any OTC (over the counter) drug for pain; we recommend Advil or Motrin. Eventually, your mouth will become more comfortable with wires being inside it.

Eat Soft Foods

Your gums are tender and most likely inflamed at the moment, and the wires are taking their time to adjust. This means having anything too hard will irritate your gums further and make your teeth more sensitive.

Hard foods are hard to chew; having them while you’re already in pain and adjusting could make your first week worse for you.

Rinse Mouth with Saltwater

The end all be all of many; rinsing your mouth with saltwater. Saltwater is great for you if you’re experiencing significant irritation. Rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater solution five to six times in the day for 30 seconds each time.

Saltwater helps relieve pain and allows sore areas to heal faster.

Use Wax for Sores

While braces are designed to feel as comfortable as possible in your mouth, there might be times that they rub onto the soft skin in your mouth, causing irritation and sores while you’re still getting used to them.

Use the wax we give to you on the wires around these areas. Eventually, your skin will toughen up, and you’ll get used to the braces.

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