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How Long Do You Need Braces?

Braces are orthodontic wires that help to align your crooked, misaligned teeth in a perfect and ideal arrangement. Most people are concerned about the duration of braces because they want the idea smile as early as possible. But it's really difficult to tell the exact duration of braces. Your orthodontists can only provide the estimated time of your braces. Goldsberry Orthodontics will try to help in your query by explaining some simple factors on which your braces time mainly depends.

Severe teeth malignment

Treatment time can vary from patient to patient, and the main determining factor is the number of teeth that you need to move. More teeth alignment issues like rotated, crooked, or out of arch teeth increase the braces time. You need a more complex treatment plan to move the teeth into a new position. The jaw size problem adds additional time in treatment.

Age of patient

The age of the patient is not a criterion for orthodontic treatment or braces. But it may affect your braces time. At a young age, your bone density is comparatively low than in old age. It’s easy for teeth to get the new alignment and adapt to the bone. With age, bone gets denser or hard, and elasticity is reduced so it takes a longer time for braces to work.

Cooperation of patient

In braces, the cooperation and consistency of a patient matters a lot. If a patient attends regular dental appointment, maintain his/her oral hygiene, and follows all the instructions of orthodontists, the chances of treatment success increase. Frequent breakage of braces and missed appointments increase the time for braces. Gum diseases and poor oral hygiene also have a negative effect on time and outcomes of braces

Systemic diseases

Certain systemic diseases interfere with oral treatment and affect braces time. Like in diabetes, arthritis, and some bone diseases, the bone adaptation quality gets limited and braces require a longer time to work. Sometimes due to health problems, you have to stop your orthodontic treatment.

Braces treatment time can vary from 6 months to 2 years or even more. Different types of braces material can also influence the treatment type. Your orthodontist can only give you a complete guide about the treatment duration according to your treatment plan. You can also get any braces related assistance from Goldsberry Orthodontics!

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