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How Do Braces Work for Your Smile?

Braces are orthodontic devices that straighten your teeth and remove any misalignment. braces have different types of materials. The most conventional used braces are wired braces. They have a metal wire, brackets for wire attachment, and a band around your teeth that support the whole entirety of the braces. The additional components that help in teeth movement are elastics and tubes. The mechanism for teeth straightening is the same for different braces. We will discuss the whole process of orthodontic treatment for a better understanding of braces.

Teeth preparation before braces

Your orthodontist will make a few changes and prepare before the braces get put in. The changes depend upon your treatment plan. Sometimes you need teeth removal for space creating. Before attachment, your orthodontist will put the separators in your teeth for creating space for braces bands. It will take about 7-14 days.

Attachment of the wired braces

Braces are fabricated after taking your impression. Every patient has special braces according to their need and treatment plan. Braces are then attached with special dental attachment cement. The whole process requires an experienced orthodontist.

Constant application of force

Braces put a constant and uniform force on your teeth. The pressure dissolves the bone from the pressure side and deposits the new bone on the opposite side. The whole process is called bone remodeling. This is what’s responsible for teeth movement and strengthening your teeth.

Activation of braces

When your teeth start moving in a new position, the braces become loose. You need activation of braces for further movement of teeth. Your orthodontist will tighten your braces on a scheduled basis. The activation duration differs from patient to patient.

Post treatment retainers

When the treatment process is complete you still need a device for retention of changes. Retainers keep your teeth in position. You can select visible as well as wired retainers. Retainers are needed for a successful treatment.

Duration for braces

Duration for braces varies according to your treatment plan and present condition of teeth. Simple orthodontic movement will take about six months to a year. But complex treatment requires a longer duration with additional surgical treatment.

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