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Do Braces Really Hurt?

Most people feel nervous about braces or delay and avoid braces due to fear of pain and discomfort. People think orthodontic therapy is really very difficult, it influences your everyday activities, and it hurts your teeth and gums. The simplest reply to all the queries is that orthodontic care is not painful, it just induces some discomfort before you get used to your braces. Goldsberry Orthodontics gives you a comprehensive guide to when your braces hurt or causes pain.

First day of braces

After the completion of your treatment plan, the orthodontist customizes the braces according to your teeth and problem. They first put the band and then place the braces or wires. The whole appointment can take 2-3 hours. After the setup of braces the first thing, you can feel the pressure sensation due to the placement of braces and slight pressure on your teeth. After a few hours, you can feel soreness and discomfort, but it only lasts for a few days. Your mouth takes some time to get used to the new addition. Some people didn’t feel any discomfort, and some really feel pain. It all depends upon the type and severity of the problem and your ability to perceive the pain or pressure.

After activations of braces

After the braces start to show their effects and your teeth started to move in alignment, you have to have regular orthodontic visits for activation or tightening of your braces. It is a simple procedure in which your orthodontist uses some tools to adjust the braces into a new position. At that time, you can feel some pain or soreness in the gums.

Wire pinching or adjustment issues

Sometimes the cause of pain is not your braces, but some edges of wire pinged your oral tissues, tongue, or lips. In this situation, you should immediately visit your orthodontist to adjust your braces. It will eliminate the cause of pain, and you don’t feel any discomfort or pain.

How to relieve discomfort

You can easily overcome the discomfort and pain by regular dental visits or maintain oral hygiene. Over the counter painkiller helps to relive the sensation of pain. Your orthodontist also may prescribe some orthodontic waxes that can be applied to braces. You can also get your pain free orthodontic braces at Goldsberry Orthodontics. Our staff will guide you for getting the perfect smile without hurting your teeth.

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