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Traditional braces are metal braces commonly used in orthodontics. They have a metal wire that attach to your teeth and can’t be removed by the patient. But most patients worry about the metal appearance and avoid the traditional braces. Goldsberry orthodontics will give you some hidden benefits of traditional braces that will make your decision easy.

Suitable for all ages

Traditional metal braces are suitable for children as well as for adults. They are equally effective for all ages and in all types of dental orthodontic treatment. Metal braces apply a stable force that is effective for teeth movement and stability.

Less treatment duration

Orthodontic treatment time depends upon the type of teeth crowding and condition. With non traditional braces, it's quite less rapid than other braces. The fast treatment on traditional braces is due to the fixed nature. Children are more comfortable with metal braces because you don’t keep any routine of having to insert and remove them.

Treat severe and complex alignment issues

The more complex orthodontic problems can easily be treated by traditional metal braces. They have an additional attachment of elastics and tubes that can treat complex cases and teeth adjustment issues. Metal braces are also suitable for extraction cases and missing teeth situations.

More affordable

Traditional metal braces are cheaper and more affordable than other orthodontic devices. You can easily bear the expenses of treatment with excellent outcomes. They are customized and effective for all patients. The material used is also compatible with oral tissue and is effective for teeth movement

No need to remove

Traditional metal braces are fixed appliances; you cannot remove them during the treatment. It gives the better compliance than other braces. You don’t need to worry about the time of placement and removal of braces. You only have to visit your orthodontist for getting them on, routine visits and other issues.

Easy repair and maintenance

Traditional metal braces are repairable due to the soldering ability of metal. They also save your money and time in case of any breakage or defect. Your dental lab can also make the new changes in braces by the instruction of your orthodontist.

Goldsberry orthodontics provides a wide range of traditional metal braces. They can be self-ligating or composite brackets. You can choose the suitable metal braces according to your needs and requirements.

You can visit Goldsberry Orthodontics for your orthodontic treatment and perfectly aligned smile!

Welcome to Goldsberry Orthodontics!

We have been providing high quality, state-of-the-art orthodontic care to the Salt Lake community for nearly 23 years. We have a reputation for excellent care and a positive experience for our patients.Dr. Bart Goldsberry and his friendly, knowledgeable staff look forward to helping you and your family achieve beautiful, functional, healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.

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